There is no doubt that HVAC equipment has changed over the years. Factors such as the demand for better energy efficiency, the desire for complete comfort, increased home size, and even architectural changes have necessitated the development of new solutions for today’s homes. One such solution is zoned heating & cooling.
With a zoned heating & cooling system, you can have more control when regulating temperatures in your home. If your family has different temperature preferences, you have a two-story or larger home, or have other issues that make it challenging for your HVAC system to handle, going with a zoned system makes a lot of sense.

In the past, homeowners have combated these problems by closing off vents in unused rooms or partially closing them to control the temperature. This isn’t good for your HVAC system as it was designed to circulate air throughout the home. However, with zoned heating & cooling that is designed to serve more than one zone through a series of motor-driven dampers, the airflow changes are addressed efficiently and the system is not put into a high-stress situation.

If you would like to enjoy extra control and comfort, as well as improved air quality, while also lowering your heating & cooling costs, reach out to us at Evergreen Heating & Air LLC We can address such changes as a zoned system, adding a programmable thermostat, and other options that will make your home more comfortable and energy efficient. Count on us to give you all the facts so that you can make an informed decision about your HVAC needs.

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