If you’re struggling to stay warm at home, you may want to check in on your furnace, especially during these colder winter months. A furnace replacement service can make a big difference in your quality of life at home, but sometimes it can be hard to know when your furnace has outlived its usefulness. Here are some of the biggest indicators that you need to replace your furnace.

  • Visible signs of damage. If your furnace is rusty or otherwise damaged, chances are it’s on the way out. While your furnace doesn’t necessarily have to sparkle or shine to function properly, you shouldn’t ignore obvious signs that it’s been negatively affected by time or other factors.
  • Increase in your energy bills. Your furnace contributes a lot to the energy consumption in your home, so pay attention to your energy bills. If they’ve recently started to rise without any known causes, a furnace replacement may be necessary.
  • Persistent dust and other particles. Does your home seem to attract dust in unreasonable amounts, especially when using your furnace? In addition to heating your home, your furnace removes the dust and particles that enter the air, so if you can’t get rid of all of the dust in your home, the problem may be your furnace.

You don’t want to suffer through the cold this winter. Your home should keep you and your family warm, but if your furnace isn’t doing its job, this may not be possible. If you need a furnace replacement to keep you and your family warm, call us here at Evergreen Heating & Air LLC.

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