Many think that the only way to have a comfortable home is with a central HVAC system. If that were true and you couldn’t put in ductwork for one reason or another, you’d have to learn how to adapt to fluctuating temperatures! The reality is that mini-split systems can be the solution for a variety of situations where it might not be feasible to put in central heat and air. Here are a few such situations:

  • Tiny House- If you are looking to downsize and live in a tiny house, you’ll quickly find that how you utilize every inch of space matters. Putting in ductwork isn’t usually an option when you are trying to make the most of something that is around 500 square feet. Mini-split systems are ideal for this situation because they do not require ductwork and give you both heat and air conditioning benefits.
  • Garage Conversion- Most homes are built without ductwork in the garage, so if you are going to turn your garage into living space, you’ll need to address how you are going to control the temperature out there. While you could create a junction into the current ductwork to accomplish this, your HVAC unit may not be large enough to handle the added square footage. Mini-split systems are more affordable than upgrading your current HVAC system and adding ductwork. It is worth doing so if you are due for an upgrade, but otherwise, it probably isn’t practical.
  • Basement Conversion- Just as is the case with a garage conversion, if you are converting the basement to a living space, you may want to use a ductless system to make it comfortable and control humidity.
  • Historic House- If you are working with a historic house, you may find it very challenging to add ductwork and even if you could, it might take away the charm of it. A mini-split system will be less obtrusive and more affordable.

If you would like to learn more about mini-split systems or discuss if your situation would benefit from this type of heating and cooling equipment, reach out to us at Evergreen Heating & Air LLC We will be happy to advise you on this or any of your HVAC needs.

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