The Piedmont area of North Carolina is known for hot and humid summers, and that humidity can find its way into your home, even with a properly functioning air conditioning system. Having elevated moisture levels in your home can contribute to the proliferation of mold, mildew, and dust mites. In addition, some people with asthma and other respiratory ailments may find it more difficult to breathe in spaces with higher humidity levels. The humidity of your home can easily be controlled with the use of dehumidifiers.

Dehumidifiers work by removing moisture from the air as the air is moved through coils that allow the moisture in the air to condense and stay behind in the machine. Controlling the humidity in your home will protect the building structure and occupants from the accumulating effects of moisture.

At Evergreen Heating & Air LLC, we have a highly trained team of technicians who will help you choose the best dehumidification system for your home. We will evaluate the relative moisture levels in your home, look at the square footage of your home, and choose the perfect system for your specific needs.

Having been in business since 1970, we are well versed in all things related to air quality, and our years of experience combined with excellent customer service and the use of the highest-quality products will leave you with the assurance that you are in great hands. It is our goal to keep your home safe and comfortable. If you are ready to discuss dehumidifiers for your home, reach out to us today!

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