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The ducts and vents in your home require regular maintenance.

There are times when inefficiencies in the HVAC system at your Mooresville, North Carolina home could have nothing to do with the air conditioner or furnace. Instead, it could be a problem with the ducts and vents. If they are dirty, planned out improperly, or have been damaged, they might not be able to properly circulate the airflow coming off the main unit. At Evergreen Heating & Air LLC, we always do a comprehensive inspection when we are called to investigate an underperforming HVAC system, and we often find that the ducts and vents are at least contributing to the problem.

Ducts and Vents in Mooresville, North Carolina

When we are at your home on a service call, we can check out both the HVAC ducts and your dryer vent to see if either or both need cleaning. If they are filled with lint, debris, and other contaminants, they can adversely affect indoor air quality, and in the case of the dryer vent, pose a fire hazard. We do offer both air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning services and would be happy to take care of those tasks when needed. Air duct cleaning is also an important maintenance measure to safeguard your HVAC equipment, as it is can cause problems when the particles get sucked into it.

We will also check for leaks, damage, broken connections, and whether the layout is working optimally. If you have some rooms that are warmer than others, it is possible one of these factors is coming into play. Our duct replacement services can resolve these issues so that you aren’t losing any precious heated or cooled air. If you would like to know more about ducts and vents and the maintenance they require, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.