Staying warm in the winter is usually a matter of adjusting the thermostat. However, when the temperatures start to drop and the furnace isn’t working as it should, the indoors can become just as chilly as the outdoors! Here at Evergreen Heating & Air LLC we always get to our clients as soon as possible when they need a furnace repair; however, we want to ensure that you can stay comfortable until we get there. Here are a few safe ways to stay warm while waiting for your furnace repair.

  • Contain yourself. One of the best things you can do when waiting for a furnace repair is to pick a warm room and set it up there. Choose a relatively small room and bring everything you’ll need for the day into that room. Close the doors and use the containment to keep your body heat in. If you have a pet, have them come snuggle!
  • Get moving. A quick warm-up can quite literally warm you up. Complete a few jumping jacks, jog in place, or do some squats to get your blood pumping and the heat generating.
  • Eat and drink warm items. Warming items like soups, stews, coffee, tea, and even hot cocoa can do wonders to help warm you from the inside out. Additionally, utilizing your oven can help to warm a space. However, do not leave the oven door open– this is ineffective and dangerous.
  • Use safe heating items. If you are still chilly, consider heating your space with alternative options like a heated blanket, a heating pad made from rice you can warm in the microwave, or even a space heater. All of these will help warm you while waiting for a furnace repair.

If you have been looking for assistance with furnace repair, we want to help. For more information, please contact us today.

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