As the seasons turn and we get closer and closer to true winter, it’s important to start thinking about your heating system. If you haven’t already turned it on, you will certainly need to do so soon, and our team here at Evergreen Heating & Air LLC wants to help you make sure your system is in good working order.

We offer heating tune-up services that will ensure your furnace and the rest of your heating infrastructure will deliver optimal performance when you first turn it on for the year and all winter long. In this article, we will go over a few reasons why we recommend that everyone get a heating tune-up before the winter sets in.

  • Avoid Heating Malfunctions- The first reason why we encourage everyone to get a heating tune-up in the fall is that doing so will help you avoid any sudden heating malfunctions this winter. The last thing you want is for your furnace to break down on you in the middle of December or January, so we encourage you to have your system checked out and tuned up before the cold arrives.
  • Save Money- Another reason why we recommend that you get a heating tune-up this fall is because it will help you reduce your monthly heating bill this winter. Our team will examine every part of your system and make all the necessary adjustments to make sure your heating delivers optimal performance and doesn’t waste energy.
  • Improve Air Quality- Lastly, we encourage you to get a heating tune-up to make sure your system isn’t producing or leaking any dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide. Our team has the right experience to make sure your furnace is providing effective heating without putting you or anyone else in the building in danger.
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