Before you know it, winter and cooler temperatures will be upon us. Now is the perfect time to check your furnace to see if it is working properly or if you need furnace repair. You don’t want to wait until we are in the middle of winter to realize that there is a problem with your furnace. Below are a few ways to know if you need furnace repair.

  • Not Blowing Hot Air – Before winter gets here, turn on your furnace and check to make sure that it can still blow hot air. If you do not feel hot air, then you may have an issue with the motor, thermostat, or a clog. You are likely in need of furnace repair.
  • Carbon Monoxide – If you ever have a carbon monoxide alarm go off, be sure to turn off your furnace and call emergency services. You may have a cracked heater exchange.
  • Noises – You should never hear banging or other loud noises coming from your furnace.
    Utility Bills – If you notice an increase in your utility bills it may be due to an insufficient furnace and you may need furnace repair.

If you notice any of these issues with your furnace, then give us a call at Evergreen Heating & Air LLC We can get your furnace working again in a timely and professional manner. Don’t go this winter with a faulty furnace. We have generations of experience and we are confident that we can help you stay warm and safe this winter.

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