It is not uncommon to believe that you need a new HVAC system when you notice your home isn’t being kept at a comfortable temperature, you don’t have consistent temperatures throughout the house, or your energy bills are getting out of control. It can come as a pleasant surprise to learn that the problem isn’t the equipment you have, but rather the ductwork. Duct replacement is a more affordable option, so it should be inspected whenever you are not getting the efficiency you believe you should be from your HVAC system.

The purpose of the ductwork is to pull air from some areas of your home to the HVAC unit so that it can be heated or cooled before sending it to other ducts throughout your home. For this to work effectively, there cannot be any holes, loose connections, or other damage anywhere in the system or the air pressure is lost and the HVAC equipment cannot function efficiently. As it works harder to compensate, it drives up your energy bill and shortens the life of the equipment.

Duct replacement is often needed more often than HVAC replacement as they don’t have the same lifespan and can become damaged by anything from rodents to a misstep when storing things in the attic. If you are noticing noisy HVAC operation, high energy bills, uneven temperatures, more dust in your home than usual, a pest problem, or mold or mildew concerns, these are all indications that you need duct replacement. Reach out to us at Evergreen Heating & Air LLC in Mooresville, North Carolina to schedule an inspection to learn if your situation is related to the ductwork or if other HVAC services are needed.

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