Why is my AC freezing?

First let’s figure out if your AC is actually frozen. You may not always be able to tell if your AC is freezing up from the outside. One of the first signs it’s freezing up you will notice warm air is blowing out from the vents. The first thing you should do in this situation is cut your AC unit off so it can begin to thaw. Below we will discuss the top 3 causes! Air conditioners freezing up is a common issue that can have many possible causes though so we always recommend to call a professional.

Blocked Air Flow

Air conditioners need to have a constant flow of air so first you need to be sure your air filters aren’t dirty and clogged it can restrict the air flow in your house. Your homes filters should be changed every 30 to 90 days depending on type and factors check out our filter video for more information on that! If this is the problem you will still need to turn the system off to let it thaw this can take a few hours to half a day depending how frozen it is. After thawed simply change or clean filters and restart system. If this doesn’t fix the issue keep reading for more possible causes!

Refrigerant Leak

If your system has a refrigerant leak this will causes a drop in pressure, allowing the refrigerant to expand too much and become too cold. Refrigerant is also an essential part in ensuring a regulated temperature throughout your machine. A too-low level of refrigerant is also known to cause freezing up. We find the most common place ACs tend to leak is their Evaporator coils but it can be anything from a suction line to a major component. If this is the case you would need to have a professional out to do a leak search.

Dirty Coils
The system pulls the water out of the air, which makes condensation that builds up on the coils. Typically this isn’t a problem because the condensation droplets fall off the coils into the drip pan. But if the drip pan is overflowing, the coils can become waterlogged and freeze. Dirty coils can cause freezing because the layer of dirt on top of the coils can prevent them from absorbing the water fast enough. Bi-annual checkups from your local HVAC professional can keep your AC’s coils clean.

A freezing AC is a very common, frustrating problem that many homeowners face. However most of the problems causing a frozen AC are preventable with some regular maintenance. Hiring a professional HVAC service and taking advantage of Maintenance Service Plans, help you keep your AC in tip-top shape, will save you money on your energy bill and help keep your AC unit running for years and years.