Quick Tips to stay cooler

Quick Tips to Stay Cooler

• Run Fans: Running a ceiling fan along with the AC can help conserve energy and cool house.

• Keep Curtains closed: Closing curtains especially when not home can help keep house cooler & prevent unit from having to work so hard.

• Preventive Maintenance: Maintenance is always recommended have a professional come out & clean unit to help it run more efficiently and prevent inconvenient breakdowns.

• Smart thermostat: Install a smart thermostat like the Nest to be able to control and regulate home temperatures from anywhere.

• Change Filters: Stopped up filters will greatly affect the efficiency & ability of your system these should be checked every 30 days.

• Seal Windows & Doors: Do not let cool air escape from your home seal any cracks around windows & openings.1banner'-Recovered-Recovered-Recovered-Recovered