Benefits of Smart Homes


Smart Homes are the future! You can virtually control your whole home from your phone or virtual assistant. In this blog, we will talk about why you may want to consider turning your own house into a smart home. The benefits are limitless and we will discuss some of the main ones.

Safety & Peace of mind
This is one of the biggest features for me personally. First the obvious reason with doorbell cameras you can monitor and even communicate with anyone at your door from your phone or smart device. It’s very simple and some of the cameras like the hello doorbell can even detect movement so even if an intruder doesn’t ring the doorbell or knock on the door your phone will alert you and show you live feed from your front door. Smart home devices such as Alexa can play into safety as well I know it has for our family. My grandfather has Parkinson’s disease and at this point is unable to use his phone. Although someone is typically with him most of the time there is times for short periods he is home alone. What if there was an emergency? He has no way to call anyone. That’s where Alexa or google home comes into play. We set these devices up throughout the house and he is able to use them to call my grandmother if he needs something and more importantly get help in emergency situations. Therefore in case of an emergency even if he has fallen and cannot get up all he has to say is Alexa call 911 and can communicate through her from anywhere in his home.

This is another key benefit and I don’t think everyone quite realizes how much easier this can make things on a daily basis until you have one. Take it from my personal experience having Alexa synced to all my home devices I can control everything from Alexa or my phone. For example you just got in bed and realized you left the kitchen light on. All you have to do is say Alexa turn my kitchen light off and it’s done. Another great thing I use it for is scheduling things throughout my day and helping me remember things. I’m a mother so I have what I call “mom brain” where I forget everything! I simply say “Hey Alexa remind me I need to pick up butter for dinner tomorrow.” I could go on forever about how much this helps in my everyday life.

Energy Savings
The fact that you can control all of the things in your home from your phone is going to help save you money and ensure your home is running efficiency. The NEST smart thermostat is a really good one for saving on your electric bill each month. Of course the fact that you can control it from anywhere is going to help you save electric when your not home but it does so much more than that. It collects, analyzes, and presents data on home heating and cooling based off your home and needs. Nest’s will also expose you to further opportunities to save energy. If you see the Green Leaf on your thermostat, you can press it for information on ways to save energy.  Most smart home products are very efficient including bulbs, appliances, etc.

Again these are just a few of the many benefits. One last thing I wanted to mention anyone can use these devices! As I mentioned earlier my grandfather uses it we’ve posted videos of my 5 year old using it so please don’t let that hold you back. These products were built to be easy and convenient for everyone! If you would like more information and pricing set up a free quote today online or give us a call.

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