Going Ductless

We have mentioned mini splits in the past when considering adding air to a basement or bonus room, but did you know your whole home could be ductless? Ductless mini splits are small air source heat pumps that are specifically designed to cool and heat individual zones in your home. As with anything it has its pro’s and con’s but if it’s worth checking out!
– – Save Money -With ductless you have a thermostat for each room or zone therefore you only have to use air in the areas you occupy which in turn will save you money in electric.
– Comfort for the whole family – With each room having its own thermostat everyone can heat or cool their room to fit their own needs.
– Ductless Systems are more efficient – In most homes you are losing so much energy just from the duct work. By removing the duct it is already more efficient but added bonus ductless splits have a variable speed compressor which basically will speed and slow down based on your homes needs instead of shutting off and on like a typical system.
– Compact – Ductless splits are much smaller than a typical unit & as we’ve mentioned there is no duct or any additional equipment needed. They would be the perfect options for homes with limited space.
-Up-Front Cost- Ductless systems do typically have a slightly higher up-front cost, though this can be easily saved with the energy savings over the life of the system.
– Heating- Though ductless systems do provide heating, heating capacity is limited to certain climate zones. For those in extremely cold climates, you may need a fuel-based backup if you want ductless heat, although some newer models can handle the load even when temps fall below zero.
– Increased Maintenance- To maintain your system, you’ll have to wash or change each unit’s filter monthly (more often if you smoke or have pets). Ductless fans cannot handle debris as well as a typical system. We also recommend