Why is my AC not cutting on?

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Is your AC not coming on? Check out a few possible causes and solutions below. If your still having trouble with it call your local HVAC pros to help!

  • Check Your Air Filters. We find this to be a common issue with having issues with your AC. Depending on your home and filter type you should change these every 30 to 90 days. When dust and dirt build up it is basically suffocating your system, and causing it to go into self-preservation mode and turn off.

• Look for a Blown Fuse/Tripped Circuit Breaker. If your unit has no power to it this could be the issue. Check the unit itself as well as the main circuit breaker.
• Make Sure the Drain Pan & Lines Aren’t Clogged. When your AC system runs, it creates condensation that runs out of your home via a drain line. If the drain pan is full, and/or this line becomes clogged, it will trigger a safety switch, turning off your system. Unclogging with a wet/dry vac or pipe snake and clearing the blockage could easily solve the problem. If it still appears to be clogged call your local HVAC Company.
• Icy Buildup. If you see any ice buildup on your system components, let it thaw before you try to turn the unit on. The bad news: This can take up to 24-hours. If the coil is clogged by dirt, blocking airflow, it will cause the temperature to drop and freeze up, preventing your system from running. Low refrigerant and improper fan operation can also cause this issue.