Summer Vacation Tips


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Its offically Summer! Do you have a vacation planned? Heres some great tips to protect your HVAC while your gone!

– Set the thermostat

Some people believe that turning your HVAC system off while you’re out of town is a great way to conserve energy and save a little money. We however do not recommend this. Your heating and cooling system is designed to run continuously. Keeping the system running will prevent frozen pipes during the winters and development of moisture and mold during the summers. We recommend setting the thermostat about five degrees higher or lower depending on the season than your usual temperature before going on a vacation.

– Install a surge protector

This is an easy effective and inexpensive way to protect your HVAC system from being toasted due to a power spike or outage.

– Clean the exterior unit

Again this is something you can do even when not going on vacation but a great thing to check before you go! Ensure that you clear all debris from your outdoor unit. This includes leaves, sticks, tree limbs, and grass clippings near the exterior unit that may hinder the air flow. Clogged air vents can strain the HVAC unit performance leading to a mechanical failure.

– Change air filters

Regularly changing your filters is always important but especially before going out of town. This will ensure that your unit does not need to take extra energy while operating. A clean air filter will make sure that the HVAC system works efficiently and does not break down when you are away.