Dryer Vents

Dryer vents are blamed for many house fires across the nation. The reason fires get started is typically due to clogged vents. Over time lint from cloths builds up inside the dryer vent and slowly over time restricts air flow. At a certain point the lint can be forced back into the dryer area landing on the heating elements of the dryer and catching on fire. This of course is the extreme problem that may occur and one that is certainly the most serious.

What most people do not consider is how a partially blocked dryer vent can cause excess electrical consumption, and unnecessary wear and tear on you dryer. As the vent from the dryer starts to fill up with lint it forces the dryer to work harder and you will find yourself having run your dryer longer and longer to get cloths dry. This may not seem like a big problem but the over all affect is more money on your electric bill and a shorter life for your appliance.

Things you can do
Some things you can do to help avoid these problems is to always clean your lint trap out every time you use your dryer
-Check behind the dryer to ensure the dryer vent hose that attaches to the dyer and wall is not obstructed and kinked off.
-Check outside where the dryer vent terminates to ensure the screen is not obstructed or clogged with lint or other debree
-Finally having a professional come out once every year to clean the dryer vent out from wall to where it terminates outside will help considerably in preventing a possible fire. It will also help your dryer run efficiently and hopefully longer.
If you would like a your dryer vent cleaned out please contact Evergreen Heating & Air, LLC at (704) 449-3454