Adding heat & air to your basement?

Are you or have you considered finishing your basement? Maybe you want to make a game room or even a guest space? Whether you’ll be using a general contractor or doing it yourself, you will need to consider if your current heating and air conditioning systems can accommodate the additional space and if not how it will be cooled and heated. We evaluate this by considering the system your home has and how many square feet it covers as well as other factors. If your home’s existing heating and air conditioning systems are not at the capacity needed you then need to decide whether to upgrade your existing heating and cooling system to a larger capacity system, or add a second heating and cooling system for your basement. This question to me can only be answered on a case by case situation depending on how old your unit is, how efficient your current unit is etc. If you do decide to add a separate system for the downstairs I typically recommend a ductless mini-split system. These heat pump systems do not require ducts to be ran therefore saving time and money. If you’re ready to move forward in this process call your local HVAC professional to evaluate the job and they can talk you though your different options.