Troubleshooting For Your Heat Pump

It’s never fun having heat issues in the colder months and if you have a problem we always recommend calling a professional, but here are some general issues and possible solutions.

 Iced-Over Heat Pump: Frost buildup on your heat pump during the winter is somewhat normal, your heat pump will signal a defrosting cycle to remove ice from the unit. However if you are having issues and notice your heat pump may be covered in a thicker layer of ice that the defrosting cycle cannot address that signifies something is wrong. If your heat pump is covered in ice, turn the unit to the off position or to the emergency heat position. This will continue to give you heat but will stop the outdoor unit from running. We recommend calling a professional in this situation because excessive ice buildup can cause damage to your unit. When attempting to remove ice yourself we urge you to use caution and not use any sharp objects as you may puncture and damage the coil. However when the unit is in the off position you can attempt to pour warm water over it to eliminate ice. If possible call a professional to avoid more damage.

 Heat Pump Won’t Activate: If your heat pump fails to come on it could be a number of different issues. Usually this is not something you can fix yourself unless it is a thermostat issue. Check to ensure your thermostat is set to heat and it is set two degrees above room temperature. Another quick way to check operation is to turn your indoor fan from the auto to the on position. If the circuit breaker is not tripped it is time to call in a professional.

 Heat pump running continuously: Your heat pump should never run continually without stopping over the course of the day. If this occurs check that your thermostat has not been set to an excessively high temperature and. Heat pumps that run continually could have a refrigerant leak, compressor issue, or a variety of other problems. We recommend calling a professional technician to diagnose and preform any necessary repairs.