Will a Programmable Thermostat Really Save Money?

The concept of the programmable thermostat is that you are able to control your thermostat by formulating a program based off of time, therefore able to save on energy when you are not home. This means saving money with your thermostat is really up to you. If you use it for its purpose and have it set back or off when you are not home you will encounter a change in your energy consumption. Many people fear that new thermostats may be too complicated to operate. While we can’t speak for all of them because manufactures are continually coming out with new models, the latest technology has made operating them more simplistic. A good service company will walk you through how to operate the thermostat at installation. There are many different options there are basic thermostats that allow you to set a specific temperature for certain time periods, or more advanced models that allow you to control if from your phone. There are other things you can do that may even be more effective in saving you energy. According to the Energy Information Administration, about 42% of home energy costs go to heating and cooling. Preventive Maintenance which we have talked about in a previous blog is a big one. It actually ensures your unit is running at maximum efficiency and could save you hundreds of dollars in electric each year. Check out our Facebook as well as our other blogs to find more energy saving tips!