Is Your Furnace Leaking Water? 

Is your Furnace leaking water? This is a common problem customers may experience. A frequent cause of this is a condensation leak. High efficiency furnaces create condensation through the combustion process. This water has to be routed away from the furnace and into a drain line. If the drain line gets stopped up the water will back up into the furnace possibly causing the furnace to shut down on a safety mechanism. Another possible cause is there could be an issue with the condensate pump. This pump is designed to pump the water up and out away from the furnace. The line from the pump typically terminates external of the attic or the crawlspace. This brings us to our final cause: a break in the condensation line. While this is not a serious problem it can cause rust to build up decreasing the life span of the furnace. In an effort to avoid unsafe breakdowns the best thing to do is have an HVAC specialist to service your system before the winter. We are currently offering a onetime preventive maintenance visit special for $69.00.